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Up Coming Projects!

Here you guys can see a list of projects that we are either in the process of making, or are brainstorming to see if it is possible to make. 

Either way, feel free to leave a like on the projects you want to see us make and we will work towards trying to make the ones that have the most likes within our work scheduale. To leave comments, see the 'Coming Soon' section in our forum and comment under the appropriate project page.

- JNJ Studios

JNJ Miles Morales 3.jpg


Spiderman - Miles Morales

That's right, a live action Miles Morales Spiderman is in the works. We teamed up with a cosplayer and made our own Spiderman short film! More to come on this project soon! 


Harry Potter project 

While nothing will be as great as the books or movies, we feel that its been too long since our last Harry Potter marathon. So we decided to grab some friends, grab some sticks from off the lawn, and start pretending like we were casting spells... that is, until magic started really happening!! Stay tuned for some up coming sneak peeks on this project.

JNJ HP 1.jpg
Live Action Avatar Wan.jpg


Avatar Wan Story...
WIP - (Work In Progress)

So, we aren't actually planning on making anything from the Tomb Raider franchise, we just wanted to see from the votes how badly you guys might or might not want us to. Start voting if you want us to make something with Lara Croft in it. 


Mystery Project

We have this project planned but no spoilers yet. In the mean time, head to the forum, sign up as a free member, click on the up coming projects category, and find the "mystery project" post and comment on what you think it might be!

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